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A pet owner and their dog attentively listening to 'The Blues Kitchen Podcast' on a vintage record player at home.

The Blues Kitchen Podcast

Welcome back to our 'Let’s Have Pet' blog! Today, we're merging your love for music and pets by introducing 'The Blues Kitchen Podcast', a musical delight that's becoming increasingly popular among pet lovers worldwide. The Blues Kitchen Podcast is an auditory delight for music aficionados across the globe. Renowned for presenting an intriguing fusion of…

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Dog demonstrating obedience during safe training session

Mastering Dog Training: Essential Tips for a Safe and Happy Pet

When it comes to pets, dogs are among the most popular choices worldwide. At Let's Have Pet, we believe that dog ownership should not only be about companionship but also about responsibility. One of the most important responsibilities is training your dog, ensuring that they are safe, well-behaved, and happy. However, not all training techniques…

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